Based on the characters from Archie Comics, Riverdale gives a subversive take on small-town life.

A great place to get away with it all.

Riverdale season 1
Release date
January 26 2018
As the school year begins, Riverdale’s residents are reeling from the news of golden boy Jason Blossom’s shocking death – an event that reveals many secrets bubbling just beneath the surface of this once-idyllic town. All-American teen Archie Andrews grapples with whether to come forward with scandalous information about the day Jason disappeared. Girl-next-door Betty Cooper carries a hopeless torch for Archie, while fallen-from-grace socialite Veronica Lodge instantly sparks with him. Cheryl Blossom reacts to the death of her twin brother by tightening her grip on the River Vixens, while neo-beatnik Jughead Jones sits in a booth at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, trying to make sense of his darkening town. Riverdale puts a subversive spin on the iconic world of Archie Comics in 13 sexy, smart and mysterious episodes.

Camila Mendes ... Veronica Lodge

Cole Sprouse ... Jughead Jones

K.J. Apa ... Archie Andrews

K.J. Apa ... Archie Andrews

Lili Reinhart ... Betty Cooper

Luke Perry ... Fred Andrews

Madelaine Petsch ... Cheryl Blossom

Lili Reinhart ... Betty Cooper

Camila Mendes ... Veronica Lodge

Cole Sprouse ... Jughead Jones

Explore small town life

Riverdale season 1 Australian Classification
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