They're outta here - but yours forever! The tenth and final season of the long running American sitcom.

They'll be there for you.

six friends men and women
Release date
March 31 2010
The worldwide comedy hit comes to a bittersweet, but comic close with its tenth and final season. Pushing the show to the limit, the final season includes when Monica goes from 'big hair' to beaded cornrows, Phoebe’s marriage to Mike (Paul Rudd) in a blizzard, Ross’s spray-on tanning trip gone horribly wrong, and Emma’s first birthday is celebrated with a disturbingly inappropriate adult novelty cake. Also, in these episodes, Joey tries out some “big words” and even attempts to speak French, Phoebe gives away a hideous painting, Rachel overcomes her fear of swing sets, Phoebe and Mike try to 'un-donate' a charitable donation, and while Rachel decides to move to Paris, Monica and Chandler prepare to move to (gasp) the suburbs! With high profile guest stars like Giovanni Ribisi as Phobe’s adopted brother, Frank, Jr., Greg Kinnear, Anna Faris, Danny DeVito as a sensitive stripper, Dakota Fanning, and more, the landmark sitcom goes out on top!

Courteney Cox ... Monica Gellar

David Schwimmer ... Ross Gellar

Jennifer Aniston ... Rachel Green

Lisa Kudrow ... Phoebe Buffet

Matt Leblanc ... Joey Tribiani

Matthew Perry ... Chandler Bing

PG classification
The Intern wb pictures

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