Les Norton follows the exploits of a country boy who has escaped a troubled past to find himself in Sydney, working as a bouncer/fixer at the city’s most notorious illegal casino in 1985

Based on Robert G. Barrett's classic Australian novels,

Les Norton Season 1
Release date
November 06 2019
A classic fish out of water, he soon finds himself seduced by the city’s illicit charms and dragged deeper into the web of underground criminality. Chaos and capers naturally ensue. It’s an irreverent love letter to Sydney and the decadence of the mid-‘80s, a period of tumultuous social transition, and maps our national obsession with the blurry line between crime and civil life.

David Wenham ... Price Galese

Rebel Wilson ... Doreen/Dolores Bognor

Kate Box ... Lauren 'Lozza' Johnson

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