Underbelly Files: Chopper explores the collision of Chopper’s two competing identities – the myth and the man. Based on a true story.

The untold story

Chopper Read
Release date
April 04 2018
Mark “Chopper” Read established a reputation of infamy by becoming one of the toughest criminals in Australian history. But in order to secure the affections of the woman he loves, Chopper fights to go straight. Yet the sins of his past, his ego and an ongoing feud with Syd Collins will make his hopes of a straight life a dangerous and near-impossible enterprise.

Aaron Jeffery ... Mark 'Chopper' Read

Todd Lasance ... Syd Collins

Vince Colosimo ... Alphonse Gangitano

The Underbelly Files

MA rating
Chuck Lorre
Film Victoria Australi
Screen Australia

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