From the creator of Luther, Hard Sun is a pre-apocalyptic crime series set in contemporary London.

From the acclaimed writer & director of Luther

Hard Sun poster
Release date
April 04 2018
While investigating the routine death of a computer hacker in London, partners and enemies Charlie Hicks and Elaine Renko inadvertently stumble upon proof that the world is facing certain destruction – in only five years. This is a terrifying reality that the Secret State is urgently attempting to suppress. As Hicks and Renko find themselves pursued by ruthless Security Service operatives, they must use all their ingenuity to protect themselves and those they love.

Agyness Deyn ... Detective Inspector Elaine Renko

Jim Sturgess ... Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Hicks

The apocalypse is coming

MA rating
Euston films
Freemantle Media

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