Murdoch returns, exploring new worlds and even more mystifying cases...

Forensic sleuthing in the age of invention.

Murdoch Mysteries Series 9
Release date
February 15 2017
1903 begins with Detective Murdoch and team still reeling over the arrest of Constable George Crabtree. Then a shocking death brings great change to the world of Station No. 4. Through it all, Murdoch and his colleagues continue to solve the unsolvable, coming face-to-face with everything from an impossible bank robbery to a threat to destroy Canada, confronting each case with wit, wisdom and innovation. Among the intricate investigations this season, Murdoch and Meyers race against the clock to save Canada from annihilation when they learn of a secret space program involving the inventor James Pendrick. A macabre sequential killer makes statues out of the bodies of women encased in metal plating, leading Murdoch to suspect a link to a previous case. And an inquisitive childhood friend from wilderness camp, Winifred “Freddie” Pink warns Murdoch of imminent danger, leading them to venture to Algonquin Park and investigate at 30-year-old murder. Vehement support and opposition to prohibition measures bring radical American temperance advocate Carrie Nation to the city and a little too close to Brackenreid’s beloved scotch. And a curious death in an opium den piques Ogden’s curiosity about the exotic drug. But the doctor’s life is about to change in unexpected ways after Murdoch investigates a bank robbery that occurs while he’s applying for a loan to build their dream home.

Georgina Reilly ... Dr. Emily Grace

Helene Joy ... Dr. Julia Ogden

Jonny Harris ... Constable George Crabtree

Thomas Craig ... Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

Yannick Bisson ... Detective William Murdoch

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