Murdoch Mysteries is a dynamic drama series set in Toronto, Canada in the 1890s.

The Complete Third Season

Murdoch Mysteries season 3
Release date
December 03 2014
Murdoch Mysteries is a dynamic drama series set in Toronto, Canada in the 1890s. Series three will bring back some of Murdoch Mysteries more intriguing characters such as; the mysterious warmonger Terrence Meyers (Peter Keleghan); Julia Ogden's sister Ruby Odgen (Sara Gadon) visits, much to Julia's dismay; and Murdoch once again calls upon Nikola Tesla (Dimitry Chepovetsky) to help defeat his newly discovered nemesis. Some of the cases Murdoch tries to solve in series three include; his investigation into the world of eugenics, when H.G Wells arrives in Toronto to give a lecture; the death of one of their own, a decorated police officer, that blows open the dark underbelly of station number two, eventually leading Murdoch into a world of police racketeering, profiteering, brutality and racism; and the elaborate heist of a valuable Rembrandt painting.

Yannick Bisson ... Detective William Murdoch

Helene Joy ... Dr. Julia Ogden

Jonny Harris ... Constable Henry Higgins

Lachlan Murdoch ... Constable Henry Higgins

Patrick Mckenna ... Detective Hamish Slorach

Thomas Craig ... Inspector Thomas Brakenreid

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