Zombies have been medicated and returned to society as Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers. We rejoin our hero Kieren Walker as tensions mount between the Undead and Living.

A new life for the dead.

zombie boy and girl
Release date
June 19 2014
In The Flesh is the thrilling drama by Dominic Mitchell that follows the gripping and heart-warming story of zombie teenager Kieren Walker and his reintegration back into both his local community and the heart of his family. Shortly after his funeral, one freak night sees thousands of dead people reanimated, roaming the streets to attack and kill. After months of rehabilitation, however, the zombies (now known as Partially Deceased Syndrome Sufferers) are re-settled in their homes. Kieren returns to the village of Roarton, a cauldron of anti-zombie sentiment, where he has to face up to his family and the community that rejected him. Series 2 propels us nine months on, where the Living and Undead have now reached a fragile peace. Kieren still struggles to find self-acceptance and plans to run away from his village. The only problem is, he can’t escape himself. In the wider world, fear is in the air, and there are whispers of a Second Rising.

Emmett J. Scanlan ... Simon Monroe

Harriet Cains ... Jem Walker

Luke Newberry ... Kieren Walker

Emily Bevan ... Amy Dyer

Ricky Tomlinson ... Ken Burton

Marie Critchley ... Sue Walker

Steve Cooper ... Steve Walker

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MA rating
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