Never before has one series caused so much controversy. Dark, gritty and based on actual events, it reveals the decade-long gangland war that brought a city to its knees. Hailed by critics and showcasing a stellar ensemble cast, this 13-part series is the real story of Melbourne's Underworld killings — told in angry and brutal reality.

The 10 Year War that Shocked Australia

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Release date
May 08 2008
Underbelly, the true story of one of the bloodiest crime battles in Australian history, follows the rise and fall of notorious career criminal Carl Williams who sought to be king of Melbourne's underworld. The series, based on the factual book Leadbelly by John Silvester and Andrew Rule, is the compelling dramatisation of Melbourne's infamous gangland killings that started in 1998 with the murder of Alphonse Gangitano.

Gyton Grantley ... Carl Williams

Kat Stewart ... Roberta Williams

Caroline Craig ... Jacqui James

Damian Walshe Howling ... Andrew 'Benji' Veniaman

Frankie J. Holden ... Garry Butterworth

Jane Harber ... Susie Money

Les Hill ... Jason Moran

Martin Sacks ... Mario Condello

Robert Mammone ... Tony Mokbel

Rodger Corser ... Steve Owen

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