For Spencer Strasmore, the stakes have never been higher.

It's not where you start, it's where you finish.

Ballers Season 5
Release date
January 29 2020
For Spencer Strasmore, the stakes have never been higher. In Season 5 of the hit series, Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) has settled into retirement…until an irresistible offer comes his way and sends him back into the lion's den—this time as a team owner. Meanwhile, Joe (Rob Corddry) gambles to make Sports X better than ever with the help of his new partner Lance (Russell Brand).

Dwayne Johnson ... Spencer Strassmore

Rob Corddry ... Joe Krutel

John David Washington ... Ricky Jerret

Omar Benson Miller ... Charles Greane

Donovan W. Carter ... Vernon Littlefield

Ballers Season 5 Australian Classification
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment logo
HBO Home Entertainment Logo

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