The Deuce chronicles the rise of the porn industry that began in New York City in the early seventies. Stars James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Once upon a time in America, pleasure became a business.

70s porn workers clothed
Release date
February 14 2018
Seizing the chance to cash in on the blossoming porn business (and sometimes being consumed by it) are a vivid assortment of characters. A gambler, a bartender and one very enterprising hooker. Just a few of the pioneers in the seedy world of sex, high-times and sudden violence where the porn business begins its climb to legitimacy, cultural permanence and billion-dollar profitability. Over the course of Season 1, viewers will get an up-close look at a gritty world of sex, crime, high times and sudden violence, as the porn business begins its climb to legitimacy, cultural permanence…and billion-dollar profitability.

James Franco ... Frankie Martino / Vincent Martino

Maggie Gyllenhaal ... Candy

Gbenga Akinnagbe ... Larry Brown

Go back to the 70s

R rating
HBO Films
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