An aspiring writer and her three friends in their early 20s try to make sense of what life has in store for them in love and work in New York City.

Living the dream. One mistake at a time.

Release date
December 12 2012
From writer director actor Lena Dunham and comedy veteran Judd Apatow, this scripted half-hour series focuses on a group of 20-something women in New York and their adventures in post-collegiate floundering. Over the course of Season 1’s ten episodes, the four girls try to figure out what they want – from life, from boys, from themselves and each other. The answers aren’t always clear or easy, but the search is profoundly relatable and infinitely amusing.

Adam Driver ... Adam Sackler

Allison Williams ... Marnie Michaels

Jemima Kirke ... Jessa Johansson

Lena Dunham ... Hannah Horvath

Zosia Mamet ... Shoshanna Shapiro

Classification Rated MA 15+
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