In March 2018 Salisbury became the site of an unprecedented national emergency. This four-part dramatisation focuses on the extraordinary heroism shown by the local community.

The Global Event that Shook the World

The Salisbury Poisoning
Release date
October 07 2020
The Salisbury Poisonings is the incredible true story of the assassination attempt on double agent and spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, which sent shock waves through a small community and the public services left to deal with an unprecedented national emergency. Within three days of the attack, key agencies discovered a lethal nerve agent called Novichok was used, just half a teaspoon of which could kill 20,000 people. Within four days, hundreds of traces were found across the city, and, just when things were finally thought to be under control, a perfume bottle containing the nerve agent was discovered, throwing the investigation into renewed chaos. Those affected by the attack, namely policeman Nick Bailey and local Head of Public Health Tracy Daszkiewicz, have worked exclusively with producers to tell their stories amidst the ongoing investigation.

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