Soul Mates Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier star as two best friends who grope for the cutting edge - of the past present and future - in this bromance that spans the course of human history.

Best friends forever

Soul Mates Season 2
Release date
September 14 2016
The bromance for the ages has come around again, as Saturn Returns and the cycle of life, death and inappropriate humour approaches once more for Soul Mates II. Best friends forever, two souls are drawn together through past, present and this time, some more past, as they navigate the limits of love, loyalty and honour. This season The Bondi Hipsters, Cavemen, and Kiwi Assassins are joined by two new characters, the spoilt Ancient Egyptian prince Seti and his humble slave Amram as they renovate a tomb for Seti’s brother, the golden child and Falcon-headed warrior Thutmose. Soul Mates II raises the age old question – if you were just some dickhead in a past life, will you be a dickhead now?

Christiaan Van Vuuren ... Dave

Charlotte Best ... Kelly

... Trix

Nick Boshier ... Adrian Archer

Rachel House ... Mum


MA 15+ restricted classification
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