Carol Peters life is turned upside down when she is selected for observation by the world's first superintelligence - a form of artificial intelligence that may or may not take over the world.

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December 17 2020
Nothing extraordinary ever happens to Carol Peters (McCarthy), so when she starts getting snarky backtalk from her TV, phone and microwave, she thinks she’s being punked. Or losing her mind. In fact, the world’s first artificial superintelligence has chosen to study and observe Carol’s attempt to romantically reconcile with her former boyfriend to better understand the human condition. Soon, the all-powerful entity takes over her life…with ominous plans to take over the world. Now, Carol is potentially humanity’s last chance before this AI-with-an-attitude decides to pull the plug.

Melissa Mccarthy ... Carol Peters

Bobby Cannavale ... George

James Corden ... AI (voice)

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