Batman assembles a second league of mystic heroes against a supernatural force!

A DC Universe Original Movie

Justice League
Release date
January 25 2017
When the Justice League comes upon a supernatural force against which even their powers seem useless, Batman assembles a second League of mystic heroes – the likes of Swamp Thing, the Demon, and Constantine - to help defeat this magical, otherworldly threat.

Ray Chase ... Jason Blood/Etrigan (voice)

Jason O'Mara ... Bruce Wayne/Batman (voice)

Matt Ryan ... John Constantine (voice)

Camilla Luddington ... Zatanna (voice)

Enrico Colantoni ... Felix Faust (voice)

Roger R. Cross ... Alex Holland/Swamp Thing/John Stewart/Green Lantern (voice)

Jeremy Davies ... Ritchie Simpson (voice)

Rosario Dawson ... Wonder Woman (voice)

Alfred Molina ... Destiny (voice)

Jerry O'Connell ... Superman (voice)

<M rating
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