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A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she's taking care of.

Live Boldly

Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke Me Before You Movie
Release date
June 16 2016
Louisa Lou Clark lives in a quaint town in the English countryside. With no clear direction in her life, the quirky and creative 26-year-old goes from one job to the next in order to help her tightknit family make ends meet. Her normally cheery oulook is put to the test, however, when she faces her newest career challenge. Taking a job at the local castle , she becomes caregiver and companion to Will Traynor, a wealthy young banker who became wheelchair bound in an accident two years prior, and whose world changed dramatically in the blink of an eye. No longer the adventurous soul he once was, the now cynical Will has all but given up. That is until Lou detirmines to show him that life is worth living. Embarking together on a series of adventures, both Lou and Will get more than they bargained for , and find their lives and hearts changing in ways neither one could have imagined.

Emilia Clarke ... Louisa Clark

Sam Claflin ... William Traynor

Charles Dance ... Stephen Traynor

Janet Mcteer ... Camilla Traynor

Jenna Coleman ... Katrina "Treena" Clark

Matthew Lewis ... Patrick

Samantha Spiro ... Josie Clarke

Stephen Peacocke ... Nathan

Vanessa Kirby ... Alicia

Romance blossoms

Me Before You Classification - Rated PG
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