This fun adventure features the voice talent of Christina Applegate, Michael Clarke Duncan, Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Hayes, James Marsden, Bette Midler and Nick Nolte, and stars Chris O'Donnell and Jack McBrayer.

Just like real spies... only furrier

Cats and Dogs 2
Release date
September 16 2010
Former elite agent Kitty Galore plans to unleash a diabolical device designed to not only bring her canine enemies to heel but also to take down her former kitty comrades and make the world her scratching post. Cats and dogs must now join forces for the first time ever to prevent a global cat-astrophe.

Bette Midler ... Kitty Galore (voice)

Christina Applegate ... Catherine (voice)

James Marsden ... Diggs (voice)

Joe Pantoliano ... Peek (voice)

Katt Williams ... Seamus (voice)

Neil Patrick Harris ... Lou (voice)

Nick Nolte ... Butch (voice)

Roger Moore ... Tab Lazenby (voice)

Sean Hayes ... Mr. Tinkles (voice)

Wallace Shawn ... Calico (voice)

Clash of the titans
WB ent group

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