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Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick star in this romantic comedy about two jilted lovers who meet while spying on their respective ex's who have moved in together.

A comedy about lost loves and last laughs.

Addicted to Love
Release date
September 25 1998
Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick star in this tart romantic comedy about a mellow young man who just wants his ex-girlfriend back and a malevolent young woman seeking revenge on her former boyfriend. When their ex-lovers start to date, the jilted twosome unite, scheming shamelessly to destroy the new relationship. But they might as well face it, they're Addicted to Love.

... Carl

... Cecile

... Ed Green

Kelly Preston ... Linda Green

... Matheson

Matthew Broderick ... Sam

Meg Ryan ... Maggie

... Nana

... Professor Wells

Tcheky Karyo ... Anton Depeux

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