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A goofy stork mistakenly delivers a baby panda to the wrong door. A bear, a moose, a tiger and a rabbit set on an arduous but fun filled adventure through wilderness to return the panda to its rightful home.

Big Dreams. Big Travel. Big Trouble!

The Big Trip
Release date
March 05 2020
This incredible story that starts when a Goofy Stork - the Postman mistakenly delivers a Baby-parcel to a wrong destination. He muddles the address of Panda with the address of Bear. And now the Bear who always does all the things the right way decides to organize an expedition to deliver the parcel to Panda's parents. His restless neighbor – Hare convinces him to be his companion in this adventure. On their way they meet chatty Pelican, cowardly Wolf, romantic Tiger, face many dangers and trials, but the parcel will be delivered! A moving and funny 3D animation adventure for the whole family. This story about the power of friendship is fast-paced and entertaining, with lots of twists and turns, featuring top-notch animation and an unforgettable soundtrack.
The Big Trip Australian Classification PG Mile themes and animated violence
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