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An orphan raised within the Ku Klux Klan is persuaded to leave by his girlfriend. When the Klan seeks him out for vengeance, a black congregation led by a benevolent reverend take him, his girlfriend and her son in.

Only Love Can Drive Out Hate

Release date
August 19 2020
When a museum celebrating the Ku Klux Klan opens in a small South Carolina town, the idealistic Reverend Kennedy (Forest Whitaker) resolves to do everything in his power to prevent long-simmering racial tensions from boiling over. But the members of Kennedy’s congregation are shocked to discover that his plan includes sheltering Mike Burden (Garrett Hedlund), a Klansman whose relationships with both a single-mother (Andrea Riseborough) and a high-school friend (Usher Raymond) force him to re-examine his long-held beliefs. After Kennedy helps Mike leave behind his violent past, the Baptist preacher finds himself on a collision course with manipulative KKK leader Tom Griffin (Tom Wilkinson). In the face of grave threats to himself and his family, the resolute Kennedy bravely pursues a path toward peace, setting aside his own misgivings in the hopes of healing his wounded community.

Garrett Hedlund ... Mike Burden

Forest Whitaker ... Reverend Kennedy

Andrea Riseborough ... Judy

Tom Wilkinson ... Tom Griffin

Usher Raymond ... Clarence Brooks

Burden Australian Classification
roadshow ent
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