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Adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel, Crooked House is a murder-mystery set in England in the late 1950s.

Agatha Christie's most twisted tale

Crooked House
Release date
May 10 2018
When Aristide Leonides, a wealthy and ruthless tycoon is poisoned in his own bed, Detective Charles Hayward is invited to solve the gruesome crime. He is shocked to discover that one of the key suspects is Aristide's beautiful granddaughter Sophia, his former lover. Hayward must keep a clear head to navigate the sultry Sophia and the rest of her hostile family in a case where nobody is above suspicion.

Max Irons ... Charles Hayward

Stefanie Martini ... Sophia de Haviland

Terence Stamp ... Chief Inspector Taverner

Christina Hendricks ... Brenda

Gillian Anderson ... Magda

Glenn Close ... Lady Edith

The investigation deepens

Crooked House Australian classification
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