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Jacob Felsen is sent to a boarding school for misfit teens. As events become increasingly horrific, he must conquer his fears to survive.

Jacob is having a bad day at school.

Boarding School
Release date
October 10 2018
BOARDING SCHOOL is both an intense horror movie and coming-of-age tale, in the tradition of classics such as NIGHT OF THE HUNTER and Roman Polanski’s THE TENANT. It’s the story of Jacob Felsen, a young boy living with his emotionally fragile mother and step-father. Jacob is visited one night by the specter of his grandmother, a woman he has never been allowed to meet. The next day he learns that she died that night, and that his mother has inherited all her things. In the following days Jacob grows more and more obsessed with his grandmother – which leads to some extreme behavior that causes him to be sent to a strange and frightening Boarding School far away from the city he calls home. The Boarding School is attended by only seven other children, all odd and troubled in their own ways, and is administered by a single principal who also servers as its teacher, a cold disciplinarian named Doctor Sherman. A series of frightening occurrences begin to unfold, ultimately revealing the terrible purpose of the Boarding School – a trial by fire through which Jacob must pass if he is to grow... and survive.

Will Patton ... Dr. Sherman

Sterling Jerins ... Christine

Samantha Mathis ... Isabel

Robert John Burke ... Dick Holcomb

Luke Prael ... Jacob

He must conquer his fears to survive.

Boarding School Australian Classification
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