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Red Dog is the heart-warming story of a charismatic kelpie who roamed the Western Australian outback in the 1970s, hitching rides, adopting people and uniting communities along the way.

More than man's best friend. A mate to the entire community.

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Release date
August 04 2011
More than man’s best friend. A mate to the entire community. It’s the film that captivated cinema audiences across the nation and became an instant Aussie classic. Funny, moving and a total charmer, Red Dog is the incredible true story of the wandering, dust-covered Kelpie who hitched his way to the mining town of Dampier and into the hearts of each and every one of its residents. Red Dog wags a great emotional tale of adventure, love and lasting friendship. Based on the best-selling book by Louis de Bernières.

John Batchelor ... Peeto

Josh Lucas ... John

Keisha Castle Hughes ... Rosa

Koko ... Red Dog

Luke Ford ... Tom

Noah Taylor ... Jack

Rachael Taylor ... Nancy

Rohan Nichol ... Jocko


Classification Rated PG
Roadshow Films
Woss Group

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