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After four men on a fishing trip discover a dead body in the water, they choose to delay reporting it and continue fishing.

Under the surface of every life lies a mystery.

Release date
July 20 2006
A modern day adult ghost story. Outside the Australian town of Jindabyne, local man Stuart Kane (Gabriel Byrne) is on a fishing trip with friends when they discover the body of a murdered girl. What follows will change their lives forever. It is Stuart's wife Claire (Laura Linney) who must undertake a redemptive journey to lay the dead girl to rest.

Alice Garner ... Elissa

Chris Haywood ... Gregory

Deborra Lee Furness ... Jude

Eva Lazzaro ... Caylin-Calandria

Gabriel Byrne ... Stewart

John Howard ... Carl

Laura Linney ... Claire

Leah Purcell ... Carmel

Sean Rees Wemyss ... Tom

Stelios Yiakmis ... Rocco

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