Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most successful supplier of romance and glamor. She knows all the tricks. She knows all the rules. But then she breaks the most important rule of all: she falls in love with the groom.

A romantic comedy about love, destiny and other events you just can't plan for.

The Wedding Planner
Release date
March 29 2001
Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most courted wedding planner. She deals in romance everyday but goes home to a fastidious yet empty apartment every night. She just can't seem to find Mr Right. That is until she is literally bowled over by Doctor Steve Edison. As fate would have it, Steve is the fiancé' of Mary's most important client ever - the beautiful blonde heiress, Fran. So now the city's most professional wedding planner has to plan the wedding of the man she loves. This time, the professional is about to get personal.

Jennifer Lopez ... Mary Fiore

Bridgette Wilson Sampras ... Fran Donolly

Judy Greer ... Penny

Justin Chambers ... Massimo

Matthew Mcconaughey ... Steve Edison

The Wedding Planner Australian Classification
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