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Like most kids, 12 year old Carmen Cortez and her annoying little brother, Juni, think their parents are the most boring people in the world. But they've just discovered a most amazing secret about their parents - they're spies!

Real Spies... only smaller

Spy Kids
Release date
September 20 2001
Two young kids become spies in attempt to save their parents, who are ex-spies, from an evil mastermind. Armed with a bag of high tech gadgets and out-of-this world transportation, Carmen and Juni will bravely jet through the air, dive under the seas and crisscross the globe in a series of thrilling adventures on a mission to save their parents... and maybe even the world.

Alexa Vega ... Carmen Cortez

Antonio Banderas ... Gregorio Cortez

Carla Gugino ... Ingrid Cortez

Spy Kids Australian Classification
Troublemaker Studios
Dimension Films

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