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Professional hit-man Robert Rath wants to fulfill a few more contracts before retiring but unscrupulous ambitious newcomer hit-man Miguel Bain keeps killing Rath's targets.

Who lives and Who Dies?

Release date
November 30 1998
Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas star as professional killers, for whom it is survival of the ruthless and the only retirement is in a body bag. Robert Rath is the best in the business, but he wants out. New competition Miguel Bain aims to do the onething that will clinch the job: murder Rath. And Rath must dodge an assassin's bullets while hunting his current target, a beautifulelectronic surveillance expert, who may be his most dangerous assignment ever. Now, for Rath to stop killing--andlive--he must do the one thing his instinct and training scream not to do--trust the enemy.

Anatoly Davydov ... Nicolai Tashlinkov

Antonio Banderas ... Miguel Bain

Julianne Moore ... Electra

Kai Wulff ... Remy

Kelly Rowan ... Jennifer

Muse Watson ... Ketcham

Reed Diamond ... Bob

Steve Kahan ... Alan Branch

Sylvester Stallone ... Robert Rath

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