Prior to the Iranian revolution it was a place where people of all religions were allowed to flourish. This is the story of a prosperous Jewish family who abandon everything before they are consumed by the passions of revolutionaries.

Based on a true story

Salma Hayek Adrien Brody September of Shiraz
Release date
July 07 2016
A thriller based on the New York Times notable book . . . this is the story, based on true events, of a secular Jewish family caught in the Islamic revolution in Iran–and their heroic journey to overcome and ultimately escape from the deadly tyranny that swept their country and threatened to extinguish their lives at every turn.

Alon Moni Aboutboul ... Mohsen

Anthony Azizi ... Mehdi

Bashar Rahal ... Komiteh Member

Gabriella Wright ... Farideh

Nasser Memarzia ... Mansoor

Salma Hayek ... Farnez

Shohreh Aghdashloo ... Habibeh

Adrien Brody ... Isaac

Septembers of Shiraz Rated M
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