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Nicolas Cage stars as an undead felon who breaks out of hell to track down and kill a group of cult-worshippers who brutally murdered his daughter and kidnaps her baby.

All hell breaks loose.

car driving through flames AND ANGRY MAN
Release date
May 05 2011
Nicholas Cage star as a tougher-than-nails escapee from Hell with a shady past, Cage's character, the mysterious Milton, races through an apocalyptic desert wasteland in pursuit of a Satanic cult led by Billy Burke who murdered his daughter and kidnapped his daughter's child. With only three days to track down the infant and destroy the devil-worshippers, Milton drives the fastest, toughest musclecars he can steal.

Amber Heard ... Piper

Billy Burke ... Jonah King

Christa Campbell ... Mona

David Morse ... Webster

Katy Mixon ... Norma Jean

Nicolas Cage ... Milton

Pruitt Taylor Vince ... Roy

Simone Levin ... Lady in Leopard Skin

William Fichtner ... The Accountant

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