Competition winners are listed below. Thank you for entering and good luck in future draws!

The Outpost Promotion. Drawn 7 Oct 2020.
K Pavlovich SA, J Glasser NSW, K Dellit QLD, L Leaning WA, A Kones NSW, A Evans NSW, J ODonnell NSW, K Post NSW, TR Leed QLD, F Horsburgh NSW

Antebellum Promotion. Drawn 30 Sept 2020.
L Mogie SA, N Oh WA, A Pelham TAS, B Colton SA, L Flanagan ACT, A Tobin QLD, K Mutzelberg QLD, R Whitby WA, S Gosling SA, C Henderson SA, R McShanag NSW, S Herbert WA, A Hauser QLD, D Irvine QLD, M Beckett SA, B Frew SA, D Townsend QLD, K Carver NSW, A Russell QLD, A Luczak NSW

Batman Day Promotion. Drawn 25 Sept 2020.
V Alexandropoulos NSW, K Marken QLD, F Bayldon QLD

After We Collided Book and Digital Rental Promotion. Drawn 11 Sept 2020.
Book Pack Winners: C Wilcox SA, D Hempenstall TAS, P Mckey QLD, B Stevens QLD, S O Sullivan QLD, J Choy ACT S Pech SA, B Price NSW, J Mai NSW, J Rowell NSW
Digital Movie Rental Winners: N Florisson TAS, J Tawil NSW, K Ashburner NSW, N Musumeci NSW, K Heathcote TAS, M Agar QLD, J Hyland ACT, S Goudas WA, J Thwaite NSW, N Bian NSW

Fathers Day DVD Promotion. Drawn 2 Sept 2020.
S Champion VIC

June 2020 Preference Centre Promotion. Drawn 26 June 2020.
G Bond WA, J Smythe NSW, P Morrissey NSW, N Govender QLD, S Bedwell VIC, J Da silva VIC, K Eleftheriadis VIC, W Brennan VIC, H Dinh VIC, F Bakhteyari QLD, H Bucior NSW, M Van Reede NSW

The Snail and The Whale Promotion. Drawn 26 June 2020.
L Elfar NSW, J Levy NSW, L Pizzey QLD, L Flanagan ACT, A Spano WA.

Rams Trailer Survey Promotion. Drawn 29 May 2020.
S Watson, L Williams, G Tow, K Morgan, D Edwards, E Vincent, V Vocht, M Gillespie, S Barker, D Piller

Stay Entertained in Isolation Promotion. Drawn 15 May 2020.
J Redding VIC, M Abercrombie NSW, S Nikolic VIC, G Damnics VIC, X Cheng QLD, W McDougall QLD, M Zaidan NSW, T Hayter WLD, Melissa Kerr SA, J Coloton ACT

Go! Microsoft Surface Go Home Entertainment Promotion. Drawn 11 May 2020.

The Personal History of David Copperfield Prize Packs. Drawn 25 Mar 2020. 
Major: R Matthies VIC, C Doust NSW, R Quinn QLD, X Sifis SA, M Dowton NSW, M Nisner ACT, J Luzi WA, G Phillips SA, P Scales VIC, P Wearden ACT
Minor: C Pozzi C VIC, G Huleux QLD, J Michell WA, N Voice QLD, B Graham VIC, A Menz NSW, K Ashley VIC, S Larchet WA, A Mansour NSW, A Bramham QLD

Ballers Season 5 Prize Packs. Drawn 17 Feb 2020.
Major Winner: J Lai NSW
Minor Winners: B Lee NSW, D Machin QLD, R Ferlazzo VIC, I Kosek NSW, J Morton QLD

Birds of Pray Prize Pack and In-season Promotion. Drawn 30 Jan 2020.
Major Winners: D Zmegac VIC, J Richards VIC, N Elvery QLD, J Sharp WA (unclaimed), K Winters SA
Minor Winners: L Hockridge SA, P Cooper NSW, L Griffiths VIC, M Kagie NSW, J Allen NSW, G OToole SA, B Palmer WA, J Morris NSW, S Hamilton NSW, K Butler NSW, J Nguyen VIC, J Jurgens SA, C Rotherham NSW, A Cheng NSW, J Archibald NSW
Redraw 11 March 2020: Major Winner: L Hockridge SA

Christmas DVD Hamper Promotion. Drawn 15 Jan 2020.
M Bennett, QLD

Microsoft Go Surface Pro and GO! In-season Promotion. Drawn 10 Jan 2020.
Major Winners: J King TAS, B Kerswill QLD, S Anekami NSW
Minor Winners: S Lobban NSW, R Power VIC, M Verrall SA, D Moody SA, A Ramazanov VIC, B Stimson VIC, R Tripathi QLD, H Herbert WA, H Nguyen ACT, R Loomans QLD, M Davis SA, C Thorn QLD, M Power NSW

Just Mercy Advanced Screenings Promotion. Drawn 10 Jan 2020.
NSW: G Dawson, C Whitten, S Murray, J Thomson, A Lum, S Narukutabua, L Grant, P Menzies, C brimson, J Miller
VIC: S Utting, D Cachia, M Hanson, J Little, N Ferfolia, P Tilburn, K Judd, S Simpson, S Shanmugathasan, M Tymoszek
QLD: S Barrett, V O'Flaherty, I Johnson, S Litfin, M La Caze,
WA: R McDermott, M Hill, J Kerr, K Walsh, H Chanto


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