What is UltraViolet? 

UltraViolet is the new digital way to watch and collect movies and TV shows. Powered by the world’s leading entertainment and technology companies UltraViolet registers movies and TV show purchases carrying the UltraViolet logo in your own personalised and sharable account, securely stored in the cloud. Through an UltraViolet retailer or redemption portal you can add to, access and watch your collection, almost anywhere, on many of your favourite devices. You should have access to your collection wherever you have internet access. 

How do I get UltraViolet?

UltraViolet will be bundled with new release DVD and Blu-ray discs in Australia and New Zealand from 1 May 2013. You can purchase these from retailers. Look for the UltraViolet logo and sticker on your selected product in store. Buy an UltraViolet enabled digital movie or TV show from a digital retailer New release digital movies will be available on UltraViolet in Australia from May 2013. You can purchase these online from digital retailers. 

How do I start collecting UltraViolet?  

In order to create your UltraViolet Collection, you first need to set up your free UltraViolet account. You can do this at www.ultravioletHQ.com or by visiting an UltraViolet retailer / redemption portal website such as JB HiFi or Flixster. Your UltraViolet account is hosted securely in the cloud by the creators of UltraViolet, and you’ll be asked to choose an account name and password to manage your account. You are also able to share your UltraViolet account with up to 5 other members of your household. Each person can have separate usernames and passwords. You can even personalise each person’s view of the collection ie parental controls for any children who will be accessing the account. Once you have created your UltraViolet account, you can link it to any ‘store’ accounts you hold with retailers or online redemption portals like JB Hi-Fi or via an App such as Flixster. This will allow those retailers/redemption portals to automatically add your movie and TV purchases directly into your UltraViolet Collection (so you don’t have to), enable you to access and view your UltraViolet collection from their website (instead of visiting www.ultravioletHQ.com), and enable you to watch a movie or TV show from within your UltraViolet Collection via their website. Please visit retailer/redemption portal websites for specific details on how to link your UltraViolet account to each ‘store’ account, as it varies by retailer/redemption portal. 

How do I access my UltraViolet Collection? 
You should have access to your collection wherever you have internet access. Watch a movie or TV show from your collection via a download (if you’re offline, such as an on an airplane) or stream (if you’re online) directly from an UltraViolet retailer/redemption portal (such as JB HiFi or Flixster) to your compatible internet connected device. You can download either Standard Definition (SD) or, if you’ve purchased a Blu-ray or HD digital copy, High Definition (HD) movies and TV shows to any UltraViolet App or device that can store and play video files. Once you register an UltraViolet movie or TV show in your account, you: - Are entitled to a minimum of 3 free downloads (up to HD) of that movie or TV show and 12 months of free unlimited streaming - Can have 3 simultaneous streams of the same movie or TV show (which is useful if you’re sharing your account with others) - Can watch your collection on up to 12 compatible registered devices, such as Smart TVs; PCs and Macs; Tablets and Smartphones, including Apple and Android; or an internet enabled Blu-ray player or Game Console connected to a HDTV. Check with UltraViolet retailers for a list of compatible devices.


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