Plane Rides from Hell

Please, PLEASE fasten your seatbelts.
They say flying is, statistically, the safest way to travel. But if movies have taught us anything, it’s that sometimes even the most routine flights go terribly, terribly wrong. Here are our five favourite movies about plane rides that have gone straight to hell!

Shadow in the Cloud

Sure, you’ve been on plane rides before. And we’re sure you’ve seen that one dodgy passenger clearly hiding something, right? Well in Shadow in the Cloud, Chloë Grace Moretz, an Air Force officer who joins a bomber’s all-male crew in Auckland, to transport a classified package. To make matters worse, this all goes down during World War 2. Oh… and her package? Monstrous. Being trapped on a plane full of sexist jerks is one thing, but doing so during wartime with a gremlin wreaking havoc? That’s something else.

Snakes on a Plane

What started as a joke soon turned into a film about the flight from hell. A witness to a mob-related crime is being flown to testify against a big scary mob boss. Nothing too bad about that, right? Well, it turns out there are mother*cking snakes on this mother*cking plane. Ever had kids kick the back of your seat? That sucks, sure. Ever had snakes eat the back of your head? WORSE. Good thing Samuel L. Jackson is around to help take those snakes out.

Air Force One

One of the coolest things about being president? You get to ride on Air Force One. It’s basically a traveling command platform allowing the President to be president OF THE SKY. In Air Force One, however, the president (played by Harrison Ford) has a truly crappy flight when terrorists storm the plane and try to blackmail him. What ensues is a lot of killing, a lot of turbulence, and, if we’re honest, some truly sub-par in-flight dining options.

Red Eye

One of the truly chaotic elements of flying? The randomness of being sat next to some stranger. Sure, you might get someone quiet, polite and inoffensive. Or you might get really lucky and have nobody next to you. Or… you could get a super creepy guy who spends the flight making increasingly scary threats. Red Eye is all about a hotel manager, played by Rachel McAdams, beings stalked by Jackson (Cillian Murphy), and being blackmailed into an assassination attempt. We’d take the rando with bad BO over that any day.


Sure, Airplane! might be one of the most objectively funny films ever made, but for the passengers on the plane in question, things get bad. The plane is going to crash, for one. But it’s a surreal hellscape of insane characters, turbulence and an inflatable co-pilot. Airplane! may not turn you off flying… but it’ll make you grateful you never flew back in the 70s.

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