Time for a Cats and Dogs recap!

Cats and Dogs 3 is finally crawling onto your lap. But wait… what happened in the first two again?
We loved the first two Cats and Dogs movies. At first, we were like… hang on. This is unrealistic. Cats and Dogs can’t talk. Then, we realized that them talking was nowhere near as unrealistic as cats and dogs actually getting along, and working together! So we surrendered to the fun, and so did an entire generation of families. Now, there’s a furtastic threequel landing, so we thought it was high time to curl up and get a recap on what went down!


The Brody family’s bloodhound, Buddy, does what all dogs like doing: he chases down a cat. But in the process, he gets caught by a group of evil cats! We find out that cats and dogs are super intelligent, technologically superior, and are engaged in a battle. A canine-cat-cold war, if you will. Buddy’s disappearance kicks off a plan by the dogs. They’ll have to stop the cats scheme make humans allergic to dogs!

At the local pet store, along comes the Brody Family to find a replacement pup. They choose Lou, the smallest of the bunch of beagle pups, and when he gets home, Lou accidentally sets off a trap laid by the cats. After this, our beagle buddy Lou gets mistaken for a trained dog field operative, and is whisked into the dogs secret spy network by Butch (basically the James Bond of dogs). He meets the team, and Butch reveals to him that this conflict has been going on since Ancient Egypt, and that Buddy was a dog operative, and is currently enjoying his retirement. 

The villain? Mr. Tinkles, a white Persian cat, who plans on pursuing the allergy plan. Mr. Tinkles sends a henchman to place a bomb in the Brody’s lab… after all, Mr. Brody is conducting research to cure dog allergies once and for all! But Butch and Lou intervene. A fight ensues, and they foil his plans, catching the henchman (hench… dog?). But before long, Mr. Tinkles has captured the Brody family. The Dogs are given Mr. Tinkles random demand: Mr. Brody’s research. Lou, who knows what it’s like to not have a family, doesn’t want to lose his new one. Against the Dogs orders he takes the formula to Mr. Tinkles. The Dogs raid the Cats factory, and an epic battle goes down! Mr. Tinkles reveals to the Brody’s that their new pet can talk, but the bad guys are foiled. Lou decides to live as a normal dog. All’s well that ends well.


Cats and Dogs 2 follows a different crew of animals. Over in Germany a bloodhound called Rex finds a cocker spaniel stealing secret codes… but it’s actually master cat burglar Kitty Galore in disguise! Back in the States, a human cop named Shane, and his dog, Diggs, arrive to foil a bad guy with a bomb. Lou and Butch, back at D.O.G. HQ, watch, intrigued. Lou talks Butch into recruiting Diggs. Problem is, Diggs accidentally set off the bomb, so he’s been put in a kennel. They rescue Diggs, and meet with the good-guy spy team of cats: M.E.O.W.S. One of their furry agents, Catherine, reveals that Kitty Galore is ex-M.E.O.W.S., and she’s gone rogue.

The dogs find out that none other than their old enemy, Mr. Tinkles, has been equipping Kitty Galore with gadgets, so they head to Alcatraz to confront their former nemesis. When Kitty finds out that the cats and dogs are working together now to take her down, she hires mercenaries, and during a tussle, Diggs messes up. Again. Butch kicks him off the team. Catherine takes Diggs to her owner’s house, and the two bond, with Diggs resolving to be a better dog. Now friends, they discover where Kitty is hiding: the fairground.

At the fairground, a lot of crazy stuff goes down. Diggs and Catherine get caught by Kitty, who reveals her plan! She’s going to broadcast a sound that will make all dogs hostile towards humans. Diggs and Catherine escape and team up with their allies, and not only destroy Kitty’s device, but catch her in the process. It’s a job well done for our furry friends, both cats AND dogs, and Diggs heads home to live with his owner, Seamus. Sadly, however, Mr. Tinkles escapes from prison…


Which brings us up to speed for Cats and Dogs 3, which is in cinemas now! Don’t forget, you can still catch the first two Cats and Dogs movies but trust us: if you’re a pet owner, or if you simply adore cats and dogs, you’re going to adore this threequel. Or, you can head straight to the cinemas after reading our primer!

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