Steamiest Love Triangles on the Big (and Small) Screen

After We Collided has a seriously hot love triangle. But what other on-screen trios get us hot under the collar?
Ahh, love triangles. Is there any sexier shape? The answer, of course, is no. After We Collided, the sexy new sequel to the critically acclaimed After, throws us a love triangle for the ages. So we figured it was about time we took a closer look at some of our fave on-screen love triangles! 

After We Collided 

Hardin and Tessa are the sexy, steamy centre of After. It’s their fledgling romance that forms the backbone of the plot, and after the end of After we’re not sure whether Tessa will take the fiery Hardin back into her good graces. But when she gets a job at Vance Publishing, a new guy enters the scene. His name is Trevor, he’s bookish, he’s stylish… and he’s played by Dylan Sprouse. The stage is set for some serious tension. 


 The new Twilight novel, Midnight Sun, has just come out. It tells the story of the first Twilight book from the POV of Edward, everyone’s favourite sparkly sexy British vampire man, and his pursuit of Bella. Later in the series, though, we’re presented with Jacob, a burly werewolf, and suddenly, Bella is being fought over by two supernatural hotties. The sexual tension is palpable, and frankly, we’re miffed Jacob and Edward didn’t ditch Bella and head off into the sunset together! 


The love triangle at the heart of Riverdale is a lot older than the hit show. For many decades, Archie, Betty and Veronica have been going around and around in circles in the beloved comic series. We were always team Betty in the comics, but Riverdale has us totally stoked that Betty and Jughead have a thing for each other. Honestly, Riverdale is one big jumble of sexy intersecting love triangles, and TBH, we’re totally here for it. 

Bridget Jones Diary 

Bridget Jones, played by Renee Zellweger, had two men to choose from. One, Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth. An upright, loving divorcee, unable to properly express his feelings but simmering with restrained British sexiness. The other, Daniel, played by Hugh Grant, a stupidly oversexed dude who, as it turns out later, is an absolute womanizing bastard. We’re glad Bridget bailed on the triangle and went with Mark. 

Grey’s Anatomy 
Grey’s Anatomy is an absolute, never ending mess. Everyone has slept with everyone else, so it’s less a love triangle and more a love spiderweb, with endless crisscrossing lines of shagging and lying and heartbreak. But right there in the middle was Meredith Grey and McDreamy… and McDreamy’s stunning ex. What made matters worse was the fact that his ex was brilliant, likeable, and so popular that she got her own spin-off show! 

The Hunger Games 

Yo, Katniss! You’re lethal, you’re the head of a rebellion and you’re amazing with a bow and arrow. But are you honestly telling us you’re going to even think for a second that Peeta isn’t the one you want? The movies made this love triangle a little harder to content (things always get tricky when you throw a Hemsworth into the mix), but we’re relieved that Katniss did eventually choose Peeta. 


Finally, Buffy. The love triangle in the smash hit vampire hunting series was between Buffy – a teenage cheerleader and vampire hunter – and two vampires. Angel was burly, brooding, strong and silent. Spike was charming, sleazy, and damaged. We were team Angel, to be honest, but then he up and left the show! The only upside? His spin-off show was kind of better than Buffy after that. 

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