9 iconic horror movies to binge on Halloween

Are you brave enough to watch?
Sometimes, we just want to scare the crap out of ourselves. Horror is a brilliant genre – it combines spine-tingling thrills, jump scares, and monsters to gruesome you’ll never sleep again. But we can’t keep coming back and revisiting all of our favorite horror films from over the years! Well, to that end, we’ve hand-picked  a list of nine horror films you can catch up on right now. It’s Halloween, after all. What are you waiting for?

House of Wax

There’s something so deeply unsettling about wax statues. Ever been to Madam Tussaud’s? Well imagine being trapped there, with people getting killed, one by one. House of Wax was a schlocky, fun, violent smash hit, and one of the big drawcards? Paris Hilton is in it. And she does NOT meet a particularly nice end.

The Lodge

The Lodge is absolutely bone-chilling. It’s also proof that some of the best horror films take place in really frightening, isolated houses – the story unfolds in a lodge (hence the name) where two kids are being taken care of by their dad’s new girlfriend. When a blizzard traps them in the rickety old building, ghosts from their reluctant babysitter’s past assail them, and things get… very weird.


On the artsy end of the horror spectrum, Midsommar is regarded as one of the most disturbing films of the past decade. It comes from Ari Aster, the mind behind Hereditary, and deals with all kinds of stuff. Holidays that go wrong. Exes who you hate. Cults in creepy robes. It’s brilliant, really.

Ghosts of War

What’s scarier than ghosts? Ghosts haunting a bunch of scared young soldiers hunkered down in an old creepy building, formerly occupied by Nazi high command! Ghosts of War is proof that a great premise can make a horror film really pop – plus, who doesn’t want to see soldiers getting picked off by ghosts in a creepy French castle?

Child’s Play

What could be more harmless than a child’s doll? In the case of Child’s Play, literally anything. A new AI-enabled doll, Buddi, is released, and is an instant success. But when one Buddi doll is given to a young boy, and when that specific doll has had his safety protocols turned off by a disgruntled employee, the body count begins to rise. Child’s Play will ensure that you’ll never look at your childhood toys the same way.

It Follows

You know how in horror films, there’s a real tendency for teenage girls to get killed after they have sex? Well, It Followstakes that idea and flips it on it’s head in the most brilliant way. Uni student Jay sleeps with her boyfriend, and is suddenly afflicted with an actual, literal curse – a terrible presence will pursue and kill her for having had sex. It Follows is smart, sexy and scary as hell.

The Grudge

Sometimes, remakes suck. But the American remake of the Japanese cult horror film The Grudge is actually terrific! First of all, they were smart enough to set it in Japan, and fill it out with a largely Japanese cast. Secondly, it’s really, really subtle. And third? It’s just a brilliant plotted movie, even if it will have you lying awake for weeks and weeks afterwards, convinced you’re about to get stalked by a demonic child.

Amityville: The Awakening

Based on a super creepy true story, Amityville: The Awakening is actually the tenth film in the series. It follows a hapless teenager (Bella Thorne) who moves into the dreaded 112 Ocean Avenue, only to find that herself and her family are being haunted by a demon… using her brain-dead bro as a vessel!

The Gift

Talk about horror being capable of great things. The Gift is a deeply disturbing tale of a very unwelcome guest arriving and making a couple’s life a living hell. It’s the directorial debut of our own Joel Edgerton, and stars Jason Bateman, too. Creepy, smart and super tense, The Gift is nail-biting stuff.

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