Castle Rock Season 2 Trivia

Season 2 of Castle Rock is crammed with some awesome Stephen King Easter eggs!
Castle Rock, the hit show based on the collective works of horror genius Stephen King, has a second season lined up and waiting. And in case you’re curious, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite bits of trivia and Easter eggs waiting for you in this truly terrifying foray into the world of Stephen King.

1. Annie Wilkes

Name sound familiar? It should. Annie Wilkes was the maniac at the center of the incredible film Misery, and was played by Kathy Bates. She even won an Oscar for the role! Stephen King wrote Misery based on his interactions with some of his more… passionate fans, and in season 2 of Castle Rock, we’ll get to meet a young Annie Wilkes. Played by Lizzy Caplan, this version of Annie is very complex, very scary and a brilliant addition to the world of Castle Rock.

2. The Opening Credits

It’s pretty easy to tune out and not pay attention to the opening credits of your fave show, especially when you see it over and over. But the Castle Rock season 2 opening crawl drops some fantastic and obscure Stephen King references. There’s some text from the book Misery, a reference to Salem’s Lot, some text from Dolores Claiborne, a sketch of Shawshank Prison, a reference to It (“they float”), and more.

3. Derry

Speaking of It, Castle Rock season 2 features a handful of references to Derry, the fictional town where It takes place. One important character returns to town and states that he was away in Derry, a town which also appears in a bunch of other Stephen King stories (Pet Semetary, Needful Things and 11/22/63, to name but a few).

4. Tim Robbins

Whilst we’re always happy to see Tim Robbins, it’s particularly eerie to have him show up in Castle Rock. Last time he was in a Stephen King story, he was playing Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption; Shawshank prison is situated right near Castle Rock and is also referenced in the first season of the show.

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