Margot Robbie’s Most Iconic Roles

Australian star Margot Robbie has given some truly iconic performances.
We all know just how much Margot rips it up as everyone’s fave onscreen maniac, Harley Quinn. Hell, she’s got her own film coming out! But the thing that makes this version of Harley so iconic is Margot Robbie’s legitimate acting chops. Here are her five most outstanding acting roles.

Queen Elizabeth I - Mary Queen of Scots

Margot was practically unrecognizable as Elizabeth I, ruler of England, and a deeply complex character. Acting opposite Saoirse Ronan, Robbie adopted a British accent and made herself look scarred, pale and sickly as the monarch with the laundry list of health problems, and an ego that could crush all opposition. It was a stunning performance in an acclaimed film.

Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey

Margot was the standout of Suicide Squad, bringing a manic energy and enthusiasm to a supporting role. Sure, Harley was the Joker’s love interest, but Margot made her into a larger-than-life, deeply sympathetic character. Now, she’s got her own film! Birds of Prey has Harley firing on all cylinders, dealing with her break-up with Joker and making a bevy of new mates along the way.

Herself - The Big Short

The Big Short is an unbearably funny and smart film about the Wall Street crash. And because it’s so smart, it needed a way to explain the complex workings of securities and loans to the audience. In a brilliantly weird turn, the film casts Margot as herself, in a bubble bath, talking us through the complexities of the stock market. Brilliant.

Naomi LaPaglia – The Wolf of Wall Street

In 2013, Margot exploded onto the big screen as Naomi, wife to Leonardo DiCaprio’s lead, Jordan Belfort. Her performance is stunning, but so is the story of how she finally landed the role: during the audition, in a totally improvised moment, Margot slapped Leo across the face. Which, ironically, is a very Harley Quinn thing to do.

Tonya Harding – I, Tonya

This is the performance that nabbed Margot Robbie an Academy Award nomination. Playing complex and troubled real-life ice-skating champ Tonya Harding, Robbie lived and breathed the role. Her performance was critically acclaimed the world over, and the film ended up a raw, hilarious, tragic portrait of a truly weird woman.

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