Best unconventional movie car chases

Some car chases have Vin Diesel in a car. Others aren’t quite so pedestrian.
Everyone loves a car chase (with the possible exception of the people being chased). But sometimes we want a movie with car chases that have a different spin on them! Here are seven films with truly unconventional car chases.

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It-Ralph is set inside a world made up of video game characters, and the core of the story revolves around a crazy car chase set in a world made of candy. Vanellope von Schweetz, voiced by Sarah Silverman, is a racer in a kart game, and her race through candyland is dead-set thrilling. How many races have you seen in a world made of sugar?


GO! is an upcoming Aussie racing flick. The twist? It’s Go Karts instead of regular cars, but it has all the stuff you love about racing films. It’s got a plucky kid who wants to make it big, the mechanic who nobody suspects has the smarts to make it all work, and the comedic sidekick. Oh, and the grizzled veteran who gives the plucky kid a shot at greatness. GO! is absolute racing brilliance.


Pixar’s Cars is populated entirely by cars, so technically, the whole film is a car chase! But watching Lightning McQueen blaze a trail through a world full of talking vehicles is genuinely awesome. But, wait… if they’re cars, where are all the people? Who built the cars? Or are there people trapped inside the cars and we just never see them getting out?

Speed Racer

How do you follow up making The Matrix films? Well, if you’re the Wachowski’s, you do a colourful, utterly insane live-action adaptation of a beloved manga (Japanese comic book). Speed Racer is full of weird CGI, has a crazy cast and is live a fever dream, but there is literally nothing else like it out there in the world of racing cinema.

Baby Driver

Like Speed Racer, Baby Driver is all about a young man who wants to drive, and has a natural-born ability to do so. But Baby, the hero of Baby Driver, is a getaway driver for a bunch of proper bad guys. What happens when he falls in love and everything goes to hell? He drives, of course. He drives really, really fast.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

We all love Indiana Jones, but part of the reason he’s so great is that he had the chutzpah to chase down truckloads of Nazis towing the Ark of the Covenant… on a horse. Not a motorbike, or a jeep, a damn horse. And you know what? Indy catches those Nazis. Which just goes to show… horses truly are the cars of the animal world.

The Phantom Menace

We’re going to close this list out with something properly unconventional: pod racing. Pod racing is one of the only things that made The Phantom Menace tolerable to watch, so much so that years later, many Star Wars fans long for a pod to race of their own. Maybe if little Anakin had stuck to pod racing, the Star Wars universe would never have been plunged into war! Something to think about.

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