Future Movie Stars of Australia

Which Aussie stars are going to be the next big thing?
Not sure who the next big thing in Hollywood is going to be? Well, we’ve compiled this list of seven Australian stars who are absolutely – we’re calling it now, people – going to take Hollywood by storm.

William Lodder

William Lodder

Star of the upcoming racing film, GO!, William knocks it out of the park as racing royalty in the making, Jack. Jack is a talented but completely reckless go-kart racer who needs to get his emotions in check, and learn to work with others, if he’s going to succeed. We’re looking forward to see what William does next! 

Joshua Orpin

Joshua Orpin
Image source: DC Universe

Melbournian Joshua Orpin has made his mark in a kind of iconic new role: as Superboy in the DC / Warner Brothers series Titans! Oh, and in case you didn’t think Aussies were absolutely everywhere, his Titan teammate, Robin, is played by fellow Australian actor Brenton Thwaites.

Anastasia Bampos

Image source: Courtney McAllister

Anastasia Bampos is someone to keep an eye on – in GO! she plays Mandy, a genius mechanic who is consistently underestimated, but who always over-delivers. Anastasia over-delivers, too; her performance is fantastic, especially seeing as how GO! is her first feature film!

Darius Amarfio-Jefferson

Darius Amarfio-Jefferson
Image source: Tenplay

Darius plays Colin, wise-cracking best mate to Jack and Mandy in GO!, but you might also have spotted him turning our a killer performance in the new Neighbours spin-off on telly. Darius has an acting style and on-screen presence that promises greatness.

Chris Pang

Chris Pang
Image source: GQ

Melbourne up-and-comer Chris Pang appeared in Tomorrow: When the War Began, but was also in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. Oh, and he was also in the brand new reboot of Charlie’s Angels. And Crazy Rich Asians. No biggie.

Evan Evagora

Evan Evagora
Image Source: Startrek.com

If you haven’t heard of Evan, you’re about to. He plays a major role in the upcoming Star Trek series, Picard – he’ll be appearing onscreen as Elnor, a Romulan with a talent for kicking butt who teams up with none other than Jean-Luc Picard himself.

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