The Best Crime Movies of All Time

Murder. Death. Deceit. What’s better than a killer crime thriller?
Why do we love crime so much? Perhaps it’s because we all want to solve crimes, becoming amateur detectives. Or maybe it’s because we’re fascinated with people’s tendency to succumb to their darker sides. Either way, crime movies have always been a huge deal in Hollywood. But what are the best crime movies of all time?

Gone Girl

Based on the best-selling book, Gone Girl tells the story of Nick, played by Ben Affleck, whose wife goes missing. When evidence points towards Nick as the killer, the media closes in… but nothing is quite as obvious as it seems. The standout performance is Rosamund Pike, playing Nick’s wife, Amy. Gone Girl is stressful, razor-sharp and brutal.

Fatal Attraction

Ever heard the phrase “bunny-boiler”? It comes from Fatal Attraction, the crime thriller in which Glenn Close and Michael Douglas go absolutely beserk for each other. It’s a film about infidelity, obsession, and murder, but it’s also a chance to watch two brilliant actors milking a tense, smart script for all it’s worth.

Gerald’s Game

Based on the Stephen King story, Gerald’s Game is a messed-up crime film from the maker of Doctor Sleep. A couple go away on vacation, and the husband ties the wife to the bed. You know, to be kinky. But then… he dies. And she’s trapped there slowly going mad underneath the body of her dead hubby.

The Girl on the Train

One of the key themes of any crime film is obsession. The Girl on the Train, based on another iconic novel, follow’s Emily Blunt’s superb turn as the emotionally distraught Rachel Watson. Watching such a talented actor go slowly mad isn’t all this film is about, though; it has surprising depth and a couple of fantastic twists.


John Cho, who you might remember as playing Sulu in the new Star Trek films, plays a dad looking for his missing daughter. The twist? The whole film takes place on his computer screen as he digs into where she might have gone – YouTube, social media, emails. It’s an innovate crime movie that will keep you guessing.


David Fincher is a master of the crime genre (he directed Gone Girl, and Se7en!) but this time, he’s turned his hand towards a (semi) true story. Zodiac follows the search for the terrifying Zodiac killer, a serial killer who stalked Northern California. They’ve never been caught, either, making this film super creepy.

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