Wonder Woman 1984 Easter Eggs

Check out these secrets hiding within WW84!
Because Wonder Woman 1984 is part of the DC Universe, it’s part of something huge. And believe it or not, it’s full of easter eggs! Nods to Wonder Woman mythology are all over the place, so we thought we’d break down our faves for you to keep an eye out for.

Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman TV Series) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman Films)

Lynda Carter’s signature look

Until Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot brought Wonder Woman roaring on the big screen, Lynda Carter’s iconic TV version of Wonder Woman was the one everyone knew and loved. The classic TV show was an absolute thrill ride, and because it was made back in the 80s, Lynda’s Diana wore some incredible looks. The filmmakers of WW84 made an awesome nod to the show by putting Diana in a tribute to one of Lynda’s most stylish looks (seriously, check out that collar)!

Wonder Woman 1984

Swinging from lightning

In a nod to some pretty deep lore, Wonder Woman is technically the daughter of Zeus. What is Zeus god of? Lightning. So by allowing Wonder Woman to literally swing from lightning using her lasso, Patty Jenkins has a) made a nod to Greek mythology and b) officially made Spider Man redundant.

Wonder Woman

The Watch

In the epic and heartbreaking climax of the first Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) gave Wonder Woman his watch. And as we can see in Wonder Woman 1984, she kept it in her apartment next to a whole bunch of sad photos. We get it, Diana: break-ups can be hard. In WW84, there’s a brilliant nod to this moment: when Steve miraculously re-appears, he recreates this moment, handing Diana a digital watch to remind her of who he is.

Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

Invisible Jet 

When people think of Wonder Woman, they inevitably think of a handful of signature items. Her lasso, her bulletproof bracelets, her royal tiara… and her invisible jet. Well, guess what? It’s entirely possible that this extremely niche aspect of Wonder Woman’s arsenal might make an appearance in the new film. Actually, it could have been there in the first film, you just wouldn’t have seen it, because… well. It’s invisible.

Wonder Woman 1984

Golden Eagle Armor

The Golden Eagle Armor first appeared in Elseworlds: Kingdom Come, a four part comic miniseries from Alex Ross. The series is set in a dark alternate future where Wonder Woman comes out of retirement by donning this suit made specifically for war. After this, the armor began making occasional appearances throughout the main Wonder Woman comic series, and it’s a serious nod for fans to have Gal Gadot rocking it in WW84.

Wonder Woman

Trevor Ranch

No, we’re not talking about Steve Trevor’s own line of ranch dressing (although we’d be the first to grab some if it was a thing). On Diana’s mantle, there’s a very brief shot of her standing on a ranch. The sign behind her reads “Trevor Ranch”, so either she founded a ranch and named it after her lost love, or (more likely) she spent some time visiting places that mattered to Steve. It’s possible he grew up on the ranch (which would explain why he’s so damned rugged).

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