Why You Need to Watch Beecham House

Now’s the perfect time to binge this steamy historical drama!
Beecham House is pretty much the perfect show to be watching right now. You’re probably yearning for something with passion, adventure and that will transport you to a faraway place – what better place than Beecham House itself?

First up, Beecham House comes from the mind of legendary director Gurinder Chadha (Bhaji on the Beach, Bend it Like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice).

Secondly, it’s basically what you’d get if you took Downton Abbey and set it in 18th century colonial India. It follows the mysterious John Beecham, an extremely rugged and beardy chap who used to be a soldier and a trader with the East India Company. He and his family arrive at a gorgeous mansion on Delhi, and the six-part series follows what happens to them there.

Of course, Beecham himself has come to this palatial mansion in the hopes of getting a fresh start, and perhaps even escaping his past. But as is the way in these stories, his past is determined to catch up to him in spectacular, and dramatic, fashion.

One of the big drawcards? Tom Bateman plays John Beecham. You may have seen his turn as Bouc in the smash hit adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express recently, but basically he’s the kind of dreamboat with hidden passions and juicy secrets that guarantee Beecham House will be a heck of a ride.

Beecham House is also the perfect show to fill the void left by Downton Abbey, or if you’re craving you fix of shows like Poldark. The team behind Beecham House have really gone that extra mile on historical accuracy. "The most exciting thing is simply having Indians in period costumes on primetime British TV”, director Gurinder Chadha told Radio Times, “where their lives and loves are as important as their white counterparts. That’s a flipping radical thing."

Over the six episode season, you’ll be treated to a house teeming with salacious secrets… and we’re guessing you’ll be swept up in one of our fave historical dramas in a long, long time.

Beecham House can be watched right now in it’s entirety on Apple TV and Google Play. 

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