Top 6 Sylvester Stallone Moments

The best performances of Sylvester Stallone’s career are here!
With Rambo: Last Blood on the way, we got to thinking… what are Stallone’s five best performances? Because let’s be honest, the guy is kind of a powerhouse, and he’s done so much more than just action. He’s got comedic chops, he’s a brilliant actor, and he’s even dabbled in kids’ films! After exhaustive re-watches of his body of work, here’s what we came up with. Enjoy.

Antz – Manual labour

Look, we know this is going to be a controversial entry. But before the Pixar revolution had taken hold, Sly said yes to voicing Weaver, a soldier ant, in the animated film Antz. People were won over by his performance in Antz, and to be frank, if ants in real life were this charming we’d probably be fine with ants in our pants.

Cop Land – Calling it like it is

Cop Land gave Sly a meaty role where he could test his acting chops alongside DeNiro and Keitel, but honestly, he was never in any trouble. In Cop Land, he plays a good cop surrounded by rotten ones, and here’s one of his best scenes. It makes sense, really; above everything else, Sylvester Stallone is someone who believes in vulnerable, complex characters.

Rambo: First Blood Part II - Betrayal

Rambo has been screwed over and betrayed by Murdock, a colonel, who cops this amazing warning from Rambo as our hero makes his way back from the mission that was meant to kill him. Awesome stuff, and a reminder of why Rambo is such an enduring hero. Also, fun fact: baby oil sales skyrocketed after the release of Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Rocky – Adrian!

Rocky is one of the best films ever made, period. When Rocky finally manages to fulfil his dream in the ring in Rocky, his first instinct is to call for the name of the woman he loves. It’s romantic as hell.

Tango and Cash – The Courtroom

One of the most iconic buddy cop films ever, Tango and Cash paired Sly with none other than the king of mullets, Kurt Russell. Stallone and Russell played Tango and Cash, two excellent cops who are framed for being too good at taking down drug dealers. If you ever wanted to watch one of the most eighties movies out there, Tango and Cash is for you.

Rambo – Break Down

First Blood is an iconic film, due in large part to this scene. Rambo has just finished fighting an entire town of massive a-holes, and with his PTSD reaching fever pitch, his old commander has to come and talk him down. Honestly, without this scene there might not even be a Sly Stallone.

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