Fact-Checking Disney Classics

Which of your favourite Disney movies lied to you? Time to find out.
We love Disney movies, but we’ve noticed lately a lot of little plot holes rearing their ugly heads. Don’t believe us? Allow us to ruin some of your childhood faves.

Is Cinderella the only person with her shoe size?

No, seriously. The entire plan with Cindy is to put the glass slipper on every woman in the kingdom, and if it fits, WHAM! Marriage! But this plan only works if Cinderella is the only one with her shoe size in an entire kingdom. And you know what shoes are like – if you’re one size up or own it’ll fit OK, which means NOBODY within at least two shoe sizes of Cinderella exists in this world.

A Beast of a problem

In Beauty and the Beast, the prince is cursed for being rude at the age of 11. Sure, the crime hardly fits the punishment but worse than that there’s a painting of the prince on the wall of the castle… as a grown man. “Yeah, hi”, he must have asked the painter. “Can you make me look, like, ten years older? It’ll be really useful for anyone unfortunate enough to wander in here years from now so they’ll know how hot I’ll be if they can break any curse I might happen to get hit with.”

Ariel can write!

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel gets human legs so that she can walk on land and woo Prince Eric. Ursula, however, robs her of speech! The problem, though, is that she can read and write – we know this because she fills in the magical contract! So why can’t she just write for Eric, using the written word to explain her intentions? Because mermaids use forks as combs, that’s why.

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