The Best Movie Monsters Ever

Who is the baddest monster of them all?
Everyone loves a good monster. Doesn’t matter how huge they are, or how tiny, or scaly, or furry, we just love watching movies with a side of scare. Let’s take a walk through the best movie monsters ever.

8. Mothra

Mothra is, as the name would imply, a really big moth. She first appeared back in 1961 and soon became an enemy of Godzilla, then wrapped him in a cocoon, calmed him down, and he became a good guy! We’re not sure if she’s Godzilla’s best mate or on-again-off-again girlfriend. Can you imagine what their kids would look like, though?

7. Hellboy

The new Hellboy is almost here! Hellboy is kind of a stand-out on this list, given that he explicitly fights bad guys, walks and talks, tells jokes, and wears a cool trenchcoat. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else here does any of that stuff. Plus, now he’s played by Stranger Things’ David Harbour! How cool is that?

6. Sadako

Look, ever since we saw Sadako, AKA the creepy girl from The Ring, crawl out of that well we’ve not been able to go near the damn things. How often are we walking past wells? More than you’d think. The Ring is a delicious masterful work of horror filmmaking and Sadako is the creepy, gooey caramel centre.

5. The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is the perfect movie. Stuck in an arctic research station with a shapeshifting alien beast, a bunch of scared people begin to freak out that one of them might be the creature. This movie has incredible, disgusting special effects, and Kurt Russell’s beard is legendary.

4. T-1000

Terminator 2 exceeded all expectations, thanks in large part to the creepy and unstoppable villain, the T-1000, a liquid metal robot man in a police uniform. Also, the T-1000 was so iconic he got a very funny nod in The Simpsons!

3. Godzilla

The big guy himself! Godzilla is the most iconic movie monster out there, and has been rampaging his way across the world since the sixties, starring in 35 films. He’s gotten bigger over the years, too – originally 164 feet, he’s now 350 feet. I’ll have what he’s having! Oh, what he’s having is nuclear waste? I’ll pass.

2. Jaws

Jaws, the shark that made Steven Spielberg famous, is properly scary. Nothing worse than a monster you can’t see until it’s too late. A little reductive to name him after his most prominent body part, though. By that logic we should be calling Godzilla “Tails”, which is actually kind of adorable.

1. Xenomorph

The most iconic movie monster ever, the Alien from the Alien movies is terrifying. Armoured, bleeding acid and almost un-killable, we’ve seen it claim so many lives in the Alien movies. Fun, horrible fact: the chest-burster scene? The cast didn’t know that was coming. They filmed their reactions real-time to the alien exploding out of John Hurt’s chest. Good thing you got paid, actors, because now you can use that money for therapy.

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