Quentin’s Ninth Film: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Master filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has a new film coming out, and the trailer has everyone talking.

We’re huge fans of Tarantino, and the trailer for his black comedy/drama/period piece, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, has dropped.

The film will be set in Hollywood during the Manson family cult madness and will feature multiple interlocking stories. The attention to detail towards this bonkers period of Hollywood history has us super excited.

We’re also amped about the insane cast! Our heroes are Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, a struggling actor who lives next door to Sharon Tate, played by our own Margot Robbie. Brad Pitt plays Cliff Booth, Dalton’s best friend and stuntman.

We’ll also get to see Al Pacino as Dalton’s agent, Dakota Fanning as Lynette, a member of the Manson Family, Damian Lewis as Steve McQueen, Timothy Olyphant as a fellow actor, and Luke Perry in his final ever on-screen role.

The sixties in Hollywood were an insane time, full of drugs, murder, mysteries and cults, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood looks like it could be one of Tarantino’s best.

It’s also worth noting that this will be his ninth film! We can only imagine what he’ll end up doing for his tenth. Kill Bill 3, anyone?

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