Family movies that will actually teach your kids something

Why not watch something with the kids that they can learn from too?
One of the main concerns parents have is that all the stuff their kids are watching isn’t teaching them anything. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to pop on some movies for the family that they can learn something from? Well, look no further. Here are our six family films that’ll actually teach your kids something.

Toy Story

Toy Story tells the tale of a bunch of talking toys, true, but it focuses on Woody and Buzz. One is Andy’s favourite toy, and one is the cool new toy. Watching Woody deal with no longer being the favourite and then learning to accept (and even like) Buzz can teach your kids a lot about dealing with new siblings, the complexities of friendship, and how to fall with style.

Missing Link

When the famous explorer Lionel (voiced by Hugh Jackman) finally finds the mythical beast he’s been searching for, Link, (voiced by Zack Galafianakis) in Missing Link, does he stuff this giant furry monster and put him in his study? Does he haul him back to London? No. They become friends, and when Link tells Lionel he needs to find his long-lost relatives in a far-flung land, Lionel and he decide to help one another. Link and Lionel can teach your kids a lot about making friends, putting the needs of others ahead of yours, and the importance of conservation.


Brave tells the story of a young red-haired girl who has a natural gift for archery and heroism, but because of tradition, and the fact that she’s a girl, she isn’t allowed to. But she becomes a hero anyway. Brave is a fantastic lesson for little kids of any gender – if you have something you’re drawn to, a natural gift, chase it. Don’t give up. Your loved ones will learn to accept you for what you are.

The Karate Kid

Bullying is a huge problem, and The Karate Kid is a beloved story about a young boy having his butt kicked over and over. He gets befriended by a martial arts expert, learns Karate, and learns how to stand up for himself. It’s not just about butt-kicking, though! He also learns how to clean properly. Wax on, wax off, Daniel san.

Fern Gully

Teaching kids about the environment is more important now than ever, especially with global warming, deforestation and extinction becoming stuff they’ll be dealing with a lot more than we ever did growing up. Fern Gully is an animated adventure (with voices by Robin Williams, Tim Curry, Christian Slater and more) that follows a bunch of tiny magical forest creatures trying to stop their homes being bulldozed. Your kids will love it.

How to Train Your Dragon

The whole How to Train Your Dragon series teaches so much to those who watch it. How to accept those who are different, how to chase your dreams even if nobody else believes in you, and how to work well with others, no matter how different they are. It’s also super funny, incredibly kind, and makes for a heck of a great time.

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