Best movies based on games

We’ve rounded up the five best movies based on games. Are you game?
Turning a beloved video game into a successful movie is hard. Really hard. The only way to properly pull off a game-to-movie conversion is to try and do something new, something the game never did. Still not convinced it’s possible? Here are the five best video game movies ever.

5. Mortal Kombat

The movie based on the incredibly violent fighting games is peak 90s. Shocking costumes, insane hair, and a dance remix of the theme song which actually made the charts! Given that the plot of the Mortal Kombat games is wafer thin (supernatural fighting tournament full of colourful characters), we’re surprised this one is even watchable, so we’re giving it some props for that.

4. Goldeneye 

Look, we know the movie came first, but two points here. First off, someone over here at Roadshow is convinced the movie is based on the game, and not the other way around. Pfft! Secondly, the game of the hit James Bond movie Goldeneye is so good it’s hard to think of the movie without thinking of the game, so we think it qualifies.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim is actually based on a comic, but it’s a comic about a video game obsessed teenager, and the movie has Scott literally becoming a game character. He collects giant coins, gets high scores, even has a health bar. The movie is also structured like a series of boss battles. Oh, and it’s from the twisted mind of Edgar Wright, creator of Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

2. Detective Pikachu 

Talk about a great game-to-movie. Detective Pikachu is set inside the world of Pokémon, true. But it’s also a story that never appeared in the games, and even uses Pikachu as something other than just an adorable squeaky Pokémon friend: he’s a talking, wisecracking detective! Oh, and he’s voiced by Ryan Reynolds. No biggie.

1. Super Mario Bros.

Award winner Bob Hoskins as Mario? Sure, why not. Dennis Hopper as Bowser? Great. John Leguizamo as Luigi? Absolutely. How a movie studio managed to turn an iconic platform game with pretty much no story into a mashup of Mad Max and Blade Runner is beyond our understanding, but Super Mario Bros. is criminally misunderstood and utterly bonkers.

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