The most famous movie and tv quotes

Ever found yourself quoting any of these fantastic moments?
You know those friends you have who walk around, always quoting movies? That’s us. We’re those friends. But you’d be surprised at how many movie, and TV, quotes have gone mainstream and become part of how we talk to each other every day!

I’ll be back – The Terminator

Who among us hasn’t signalled our intention to return to a gathering by turning, staring the group down, and uttering the immortal words “I’ll be back”? Only the lamest of us, that’s who. Arnie’s catchphrase from Terminator became common usage, and was frequently said using his accent, too. If you want to do the classy British version, consider “I shall return forthwith”.

You know nothing – Game of Thrones

Perfect for telling someone they are completely stupid, “You know nothing (insert name)” will be one of the greatest gifts Game of Thrones gave us as a society. Uttered by Ygritte to John Snow to signal how much of a dummy she thought he was, it’s the perfect way to insult someone whilst making yourself look super smart by comparison.

You Can’t Handle the Truth – A Few Good Men 

If someone is stubbornly refusing to see a situation for what it is, or if you’re feelin’ a little Jack Nicholson-ish, then consider dropping this classic quote. Also, if you’re a dentist and feel like lightening the mood, try yelling “you can’t handle the tooth!” at a scared patient. 

I’m Getting Too Old for This Sh*t – Lethal Weapon

Roger Murtaugh, the grizzled almost-retired cop from Lethal Weapon played by Danny Glover, is getting old. He’s dealing with a lot of sh*t. And he’s GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS SH*T. It’s an iconic line that captures the frustration of ageing, and we’ll all be using it at some point.

Yada yada yada – Seinfeld

Ever want to skim over an embarrassing detail when explaining something? Just yada yada yada it! You know. You’re talking to someone, they want to know where you’ve been all night, you tell them you met someone, had a few drinks, yada yada yada… see? It’s perfect, and it’s another reason to love Seinfeld, too.

There’s No Place Like Home – Wizard of Oz

Dorothy’s catch phrase isn’t just her reminding herself that home isn’t that bad after all. It’s also the magic words that will help send her from Oz back to Kansas, and the phrase has come to take on a bigger meaning. The movie also taught us to crush our enemies under a house, but ‘there’s no place like home’ is much nicer.

I’ll Have What She’s Having – When Harry Met Sally

If you’ve ever seen Meg Ryan fake an orgasm in a deli to prove a point, you get where this one is coming from. This phrase is super useful when someone either enjoys something way too vocally, or for when you actually did just spot a lady eating something good and you just wat what she’s having.

I’m In a Glass Case of Emotion – Anchorman

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed, panicky or distraught, you may in fact be trapped in a glass case of emotion. Ron Burgundy gave us so many quotable moments, but come on. Who here hasn’t had a glass case of emotion kind of day?

Houston, We Have a Problem – Apollo 13

You see, in Apollo 13 ‘Houston, we have a problem’ is Tom Hanks being cool, calm and understated about what is clearly a hugely terribly incredibly problematic problem. But we saw a guy drop a sandwich the other day and say it, and it still totally worked.

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